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A team that works for customers. For you.

There is a small but subtle difference when advising clients in the real estate sector. Know-how. We are a small, but all the more powerful and, above all, professional team, from which you can not only expect, but even demand, comprehensive advice. You might be surprised what you have to pay attention to when selling, buying or renting a property - we will accompany you from the beginning to the signing of the contract and beyond.

Real estate is a complex matter.

Most of our customers appreciate one thing above all - being accompanied by professionals. There are so many different aspects to consider when it comes to real estate - architecture, construction, law, financing - and much more. All that makes it extremely difficult to keep track of things and come to the right decision. There is one thing you can be sure of: We provide honest, transparent and uncompromising advice – after all, it is about long-term and important decisions!

Refreshingly different.

Of course we also want to make money. After all, we are a company. But when we say "earn"  we´re talking about it´s original meaning. Our services for the sale of a property are so complete that we hope we will finally find you saying: "This real estate agency was really refreshingly different."

Being a broker means being a service provider.

Of course, unlocking the front door is not enough. On the one hand there is the financing of the property, which for most people is the most important basis for a satisfied and happy life in the future. But we also advise on equipment and furnishings, examine the condition of the apartment, make suggestions for improvement and check the cost structure behind the property with the eagle eye of an accounting expert.

What property owners can expect.

Real estate is an asset and owners or heirs often face almost insurmountable hurdles with regard to the next steps. We advise professionally on the basis of the existing documentation and can use it for you in an uncomplicated manner. We are happy to help you decide what to do with a property - sell, rent or wait for a more attractive situation on the market.

With 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to market real estate successfully. Using the latest technologies (3-D tours, social media, etc.), we provide a tailor-made strategy to find those people who can fulfill their new dream home with the property on offer.

Services for investors

Real estate investments need to be well thought out. How much effort does management require? Is there a sufficiently large target group for the rental? What is the ownership structure like? What is the investment horizon to consider? We will discuss the optimal, individual solution with you and support you in its implementation.