The list of services we provide is extensive:


We organize the sale of real estate, look after potential customers and provide comprehensive advice on legal, structural and real estate income tax matters.


Your future tenants will be looked after personally, and the perfect match between interested parties and the housing offer will be found. We advise punctually, reliably and professionally.

Site Surveys and Valuation of Real state

As experts we have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. Our activity as a broker also offers us the opportunity to depict and assess market events professionally and up to date - and thus also to determine the correct value of locations and real estate.

Investment Objects &
Pension Apartments

“Concrete gold” is actually a stupid catchphrase. Because with gold bars you don't have to worry about anything as the owner. In real estate, yes. We advise early and extensively on the potential for returns when investing in real estate. Property is considered a safe investment – ​​if you make the right decisions.


There are situations in which it makes sense to prospect the market. Which target group is suitable for the property? Which properties have been sold all around? What development opportunities are there for a property? You ask the question, we provide the answer.

Vacation Properties

Sun and sea lure many of us. But vacation property can be an expensive adventure. Except: you have a partner who knows what to look out for. We, for example, in Croatia, Italy or Spain.

Personal Advice on the Sale of Real Estate

What's the perfect price? Is speed in liquidation the ultimate goal? Or the highest possible price? How can you improve the chances of realizing the property - we advise you on the right decisions.

Due Diligence Reviews and Feasibility Studies

You have been offered a property and you want to know what to look out for and what pitfalls are lurking? We carry out technical due diligence or a feasibility study - gladly together with other experts - and create a secure basis for your decision.

Consulting on Inheritance and Inheritance Matters

Properties with several owners often require solutions with a great deal of sensitivity and sometimes just the right amount of assertiveness. When it comes to this we are your partner.


Is your apartment environmentally friendly? And if so, to which extent? What about the energy balance? What measures can be taken to ensure the longest possible and thus sustainable preservation? We deal with these questions and also ensure sustainable management of the property when it comes to letting through the optimal selection of tenants.

Architectural and Structural Consulting on Conversions, New Buildings and Renovations

Dealing with professionals and planners is often tedious and complex. If you are not a professional many things can go wrong. Construction projects that we accompany work according to plan and are controlled in such a way that your nerves are spared.


Sometimes one´s main bank does not offer the most attractive conditions. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right alternative based on your individual situation and help you find the best partner for financing.